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Custom Trips

It's your dream. Live it! Custom trips are all about you. 

Want to start on a high note? Great, let's begin above the Italian Alps. How about joining a local fisherman come sunrise - romantic lakes or the Sicilian sea? Prefer glitz and glamour? Fabulous, we'll start in Rome.

Perfect for weddings, renewals, and those thirsting for a tailor-made taste of Italy! 


Already have a group together? Excellent! Whether you'd like to arrange for a pre-packaged group trip or design a custom itinerary, we'd be delighted to help.

Wellness. Yoga. Cooking. Biking. Trekking.

Perfect for companies, big families, and close friends!


Unable to join one of our group trips? No problem, we can help to arrange for the same experience whenever suits you best. Choose from any one of our seven group trips below!