A Keto Adventure

Amalfi Coast. Capri. Pompeii. Matera. Puglia. Naples.

April 28 - May 6, 2019

A collection of must-see stops for poets, artists, and lovers alike


Culture, Yoga & Good Company

Rome. Florence. Assisi.

June 15 - 23, 2019

A tour of Italy designed to inspire your senses, connect with your true nature and travel in the comfort of community!



An Italian Affair

Rome. Pompeii. Amalfi Coast. Tuscany.

A cinematic highlight reel of Italy's most stunning sites.  

Ice Cream Cones & Cobblestones

Venice. Tuscany. Assisi. Rome. 

A sweet, enchanting, and magical stroll through la bell'Italia.


Rome. Tuscany. Lake Maggiore. Cinque Terre. Venice.

A fairytale tour through Italy's most romantic destinations. 

Ancient Doorways

Venice. Tuscany. Rome. Amalfi Coast. 

A doorway through time and space; where elegance, adventure, and treasure await.

Olives & Oranges

Palermo. Agrigento. Ragusa. Taormina. Sorrento.

A sweet and salty dip, off the beaten path - authenticity at its finest.

Antica Via

Rome. Tuscany. Cinque Terre. Lake Como. Milan.

 A sun-filled expedition across legendary cityscapes and warm countrysides.



Custom Trips

It's your dream. Live it! Custom trips are all about you. 

Want to start on a high note? Great, let's begin above the Italian Alps. How about joining a local fisherman come sunrise - romantic lakes or the Sicilian sea? Prefer glitz and glamour? Fabulous, we'll start in Rome.

Perfect for weddings, renewals, and those thirsting for a tailor-made taste of Italy! 


Already have a group together? Excellent! Whether you'd like to arrange for a pre-packaged group trip or design a custom itinerary, we'd be delighted to help.

Wellness. Yoga. Cooking. Biking. Trekking.

Perfect for companies, big families, and close friends!